Sebastian Kurz is a former prime minister of the Republic of Austria and now globally operating entrepreneur, investor and consultant with a geographic focus on Europe & the Middle East.

Born in 1986, he started his political career at an early age in the youth organization of the Conservative party in Austria. In 2011 he entered the federal government as State Secretary for Integration. In 2013, he became the youngest foreign minister of the Republic of Austria at the age of 27. In 2017, he was elected as head of the Austrian People’s Party, won the national election in the same year, and became the youngest Federal Chancellor in the country’s history and also the youngest Prime Minister in the world at this time. In 2019, he was leading the party in another successful national election campaign and managed to increase the consent of the voters for his party even further. The outcome of the election enabled him to form a government a second time under his leadership as federal chancellor of the Republic of Austria. 

In December 2021, Sebastian Kurz left politics and is now, together with his team at SK Management, working as a globally operating consultant. Together with partners, he has invested in a range of companies in various sectors and also co-founded the cybersecurity company “Dream”, which is based in Tel Aviv, Israel.

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