Fireside chat with Sebastian Kurz at the CEE Wealth Summit in Vienna

At this year’s CEE Wealth Summit at Palais Ferstel in Vienna on 14 June, Sebastian Kurz took questions from co-host and moderator David Grammig in a fireside chat at the start of the summit.

The topics ranged from private questions and assessments of international developments for investors to the topic that is currently on everyone’s mind: Artificial Intelligence. Kurz stated that AI will bring massive changes to our business world and our society. Many jobs will certainly be eliminated – including white-collar jobs – but on the other hand, new jobs will also be created.

Asked about the war in Ukraine, Kurz said that he had great empathy for the suffering of the Ukrainian people and that a swift end to the armed violence was needed. For Europe, he said, the war had serious economic consequences in addition to the humanitarian aspect; in particular, the rising energy costs were a burden for the citizens.

Kurz considers decoupling – i.e. an end to economic cooperation – between the USA and China to be wrong, although Democrats and Republicans have never been so united as in this endeavour. He believes that only a globalised world can create prosperity.

Learn more about the CEE Wealth Summit here. 

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