Sebastian Kurz discusses the impact of AI on the economy at FII7 in Saudi Arabia

October 26th, Riyadh: Global regulatory agencies, national legislators, and standard-development organizations are currently in the process of formulating frameworks to optimize the benefits of AI for society while addressing its inherent risks. For these frameworks to successfully navigate through bureaucratic processes, it is imperative that the associated policies and supporting infrastructure exhibit resilience, transparency, and equity. Additionally, a multilateral approach is crucial, given the interconnected nature of economies and jurisdictions in the rapidly evolving landscape of technology. Despite the complexity of these tasks, it is essential to ensure that the policies and infrastructure are robust enough to adapt to the intrinsic interoperability of underlying technologies.

However, the practical implementation of these ideals is far from straightforward. During a discussion at the 7th Future Investment Initiative in Riyadh, Sebastian Kurz, along with Eric Daimler, Co-Founder & CEO of Conexus, and Michael Kratsios, Managing Director of Scale AI, explored the challenges and potential solutions. The focus was on identifying actionable steps that business leaders can take to stay ahead in the dynamic and evolving field of AI.

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